Monday, December 28, 2015

Best of 2015 - Nightscapes startrails

I categorize my website by different type of scapes so I’ll be sharing some of my favorite ones shot this year in each category to close out 2015.

Category: Nightscapes– Startrails

Date Taken: 10/25/15

Location: Eastern Sierras, CA

I only recently got into star trails so I only have a handful of them but this is my fav from this year. It really boils down to the location on this one. Most petroglyphs are carved into vertical walls but this specific one (with a name to match) is located on a slab open faced to the sky. After researching the location, I knew I wanted a Milky Way shot here. First time I came here I realized my 20mm was far from wide enough given the petroglyphs are in such a confined area and there is only so much room to back up as you are on a boulder. The second time I came back I had the 14-24 with me which was much better. After a successful MW session I turned around to capture a timelapse of images facing the North Star which produced this image.

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