Monday, January 23, 2012

Downtown Los Angeles skyline take 2

So my last post focused around taking more pictures around Los Angeles. So I went out and scouted a few more locations, and finally had the opportunity to go back out this past weekend to shoot. Took two friends along, as we were out past midnight....didn't want any crazies starting trouble.

Went out earlier with the wife around sunset to the Griffith Park Observatory and hiked up past it to get a nice view of both the observatory and downtown Los Angeles. It had just rained earlier in the day, which cleared the air up nicely.

Griffith Park Observatory and Downtown Los Angeles skyline

This shot was taken about 30 minutes after sunset. We forgot our headlamps so we didn't stay too late or else we would have had to walk the trail back in the dark.

Went back out later with friends and just walked along various overpasses overlooking the 110 freeway to find interesting comps.

Downtown Los Angeles skyline

Downtown Los Angeles skyline

Both of these were taken around the 4th street bridge

Afterwards, we went over to MacArthur park lake. I have been there in the day, and it's kinda sketchy, but it was pretty much empty while we were there. Setup the tripod and snapped a few.

Downtown Los Angeles skyline from Macarthur Park lake

Downtown Los Angeles skyline from Macarthur Park lake

These ducks let us get real close, as they are probably used to people feeding them all the time. Due to the long shutter speed, some were moving, but a few of them stayed quite still.

We checked out the Disney Concert Hall as well, but the vantage points of it and downtown weren't the best.

Thanks Peter and Ryan for coming out. Maybe we can hit up the SM pier next time.

Brandon Yoshizawa
B.A.Y | photography