Sunday, May 6, 2012

More Hummingbirds and a huge moon?

So I headed back to the Bolsa Chica reserve in Huntington equipped with my 300mm F4 + 1.7 TC. Seems like all I take pictures of are hummingbirds, but I do love taking pictures of them. The dolphin is still swimming around in the harbor, and busloads of kids were there to see it.

I moved on to keep away from the crowds.

This little hummer didn't like me taking pictures, and gave me quite the expression:
Hummingbird with flared gorget, Bolsa Chica reserve
This one let me get real close for a close-up portrait:

Hummingbird Portrait, Bolsa Chica reserve

This was unexpected, as I couldn't see the small fly/gnat as I was taking pictures, but came home and saw that it was eyeing it. Pretty cool picture.

Hummingbird tracking a fly, Bolsa Chica Reserve

I also took a trip to the Griffith Observatory to see the Perigee super moon. Little did I know that it would be completely packed, so I was unable to get to the location I wanted to by the time the moon rose. I was looking to capture it as it rose over the Observatory, but at the location I was at, it was way to the left. I did take a picture of it rising, and a picture of the trail leading up to the Observatory from one of the trails.

Super moon rising over Griffith Park Light trail to the Observatory There was a lot of smog to shoot through. It would have been cool to head inland to shoot away from the light pollution of the city....maybe next year.