Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Malibu ridge pano with fog and milky way

Doesn’t matter how many times this place is shot, seeing the fog build up in the canyon is special to see. Not to mention that you can see the Milky Way from here being right next to Santa Monica and not too far from Los Angeles. The “June gloom” months are the best time to see it. This is one of my favorite panoramic images to date which isn’t saying much as I don’t shoot too many of them. This is a 2-row pano consisting of 4-5 shots each row for a total of around 10 shots. I took this one as the fog almost engulfed the valley but the glow from Malibu Canyon Road still shined through. You can see the full shot in the pano section of my website. As a note for stargazers, the stars and MW will never be as bright here compared to places inland or more remote areas. Most of the time the MW is very faint to the naked eye but the camera’s sensor will pick it up with a high ISO.

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