Tuesday, July 12, 2016

San Francisco sunset under Bay Bridge

Had an awesome time up north this past weekend. Got a bunch of shooting in and got to visit some family and some of my norcal IG friends. My lack of sleep will be catching up with me this week but it’s always worth it. Knew I wanted to process this comp first, as I’ve been wanting to shoot it for a while. Fog was a bit higher this night and produced some subtle color close to sunset. It was very windy so I stacked my ND and CPL to allow me to shoot a longer exposure. I shot a few different exposures but settled on a 25 sec shot as I was still able to make out some of the patterns in the water and the textures in the sky. Luckily the tide was low enough for me to get some of the rocks in my foreground. Mist was a huge issue with the wind so just had to wipe the lens after every shot. Moved back up towards the midpoint for my twilight shots so I’ll get around to posting those and all the other shots from this past weekend as they get edited.

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