Friday, July 1, 2016

Anza Borrego Startrails and Serpent

I realized I never processed the startrail shot from my last trip to the serpent in Anza Borrego so here it is. This one only uses about 50 shots for the trails as if you remember in a past post I forgot to turn the auto focus off before running the internal intervelomoter and didn’t take as many shots the second try. Also, the clouds were coming in towards the bottom and they got a bit too distracting when I used more files. Crazy how popular this place has become. When I came a few years back, I didn’t see any other crazies out at 3am taking pictures of metal things in the dark. Now it’s people fighting over spots, yelling at each other to turn off lights, etc. I’ll be honest, when I go shoot astro it’s the only time I’m hoping that we don’t run into anyone else shooting. When you have multiple groups of people trying to shoot the same thing in the dark, it’s never good.

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