Thursday, December 13, 2018

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch and Milky Way from Aspendell

I have two versions of the SpaceX launch from this past October that I haven’t shown so rather than repost one here is the wide angle version of that sexy exhaust plume. If you recall, I had two cameras setup side by side one with my 14-24 and one with my 50mm both shooting the same thing. My 50mm version of this was the one I posted the night of the actual launch. This version has a bit more sky allowing some of that MW detail to shine above the plume. I was fortunate to be in a dark location to where I was able to catch star detail along with the launch as I feel it gives the shot another element that adds to the composition. The MW was pretty washed out but it was pretty much the same as shooting while the moon is up. Light pollution no matter if its natural or manmade has serious adverse effects on dark skies hence my number one tip for shooting the MW is always to get to an area that has minimal light pollution. I’ll throw up the last comp of this launch on my feed before the end of the year.

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