Friday, December 7, 2018

Los Angeles and San Gabriel mountains from Palos Verdes

This scene as a whole does not exist so don’t go looking for it. The way LA lines up from this spot in PV, you get mountains behind just not the snow caps. I went up to a local spot last night to check the snow levels for this morning’s sesh. That storm cleared super fast and by sunset most of the San Gabriel’s were visible. I snapped a shot of the last light hitting the mountains and firing up the clouds, and a separate shot of the city and some lingering fog and merged the two. Both were shot from the same spot and both with the 300mm, LA is just way to the left of these peaks. So I had some fun with this one. I’ll end up editing some true shots from last night and show you what actually does line up from here. In this shot you can see Del Amo mall in the foreground all the way out to LA in the back. The city was super clear after the rain.

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