Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Seattle sunset - Jose Rizal Bridge

Here is one from the Jose Rizal Bridge. Clouds were looking real good during golden hour and the sun broke through as it was setting so I stopped down to catch a huge burst over the CenturyLink Stadium. The sun provided some great light throughout the scene shining on the tips of the trees as well as the highway and the side of the city. You also get a hint of fall from the trees in the foreground and I love how the trees stand between all the passes. As a disclosure I cleaned up some of the trash/tents down below which is unfortunate to see and I blended in some cars from separate exposures to give a sense of motion to some of the ones in the foreground to mix it up with the stopped traffic going the opposite direction. This is a shot of multiple exposures, some for the foreground and quite a few for the sky to bring back most of the highlights all shot with the Nikon D750, Nikkor 20mm 1.8 at f/16.

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