Friday, August 7, 2015

Frank - PV shipwreck sunset

PV shipwreck long exposure sunset

This is the exact same angle of the shot I posted of the PV shipwreck a few weeks ago except this one is a longer exposure. The LE brings a totally different mood to the shot, helping smooth out the water and streak the clouds just a little more. The clouds ere movin real fast and I wanted to keep some texture so I didn't lengthen the shutter too much, just enough to get a slight bit of movement. Without the sunburst you can see more details of the crane. So whats your go to with seascapes? Do you prefer the smoother more ethereal water produced with long exposures, or do you like to capture the water movement with shorter exposures?
Nikon D750, Nikkor 20mm 1.8, 13 sec, f/11, ISO-50, CPL + ND


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