Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ancient Petroglyphs

Petroglyph sunburst, Volcanic Tablelands
It is said that a culture inhabited the area known as the Tablelands some 8000 years ago. These people used hard stones to etch patterns and designs into rocks to form petroglyphs. The inner carving is lighter than the darker exterior rock and provides the contrast to make them visible. Sunset here was pretty hazy and no real color came through. I was worried that the sky would not clear by night, but the wind blew most of it away leaving a nice clear sky for stargazing. I'll get around to editing some of the night shots I took here but in the meantime here is one as the sun was setting. You can see some of the haze in the background. Stopped down to get the sunburst more pronounced.
Nikon D750, Nikkor 20mm 1.8, f/16, 1/125 sec, ISO-100


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