Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Real Dunes Have Curves - Death Valley

Death Valley sand dunes abstract

I don't do a lot of abstract work, but the sand dunes in Death Valley National Park scream for it. I usually like some sort of a focal point, but there is none here as I wanted the eyes to just wander around the curves of the dunes. This was taken mid day but I still had a fair amount of shadows to work with so I emphasized them by brightening the highlights and darkening the shadows. I focused on an area that was not covered by footprints so they wouldn't distract the overall image. Only downside of not having some sort of focal point is you can't really tell how big they are, but they are pretty massive and quite fun to walk on.
Nikon D7000, Nikkor 18-200 @ 170mm, f/16, 1/30 sec, ISO-100


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