Wednesday, November 8, 2017

McGee Creek - Aspen swirl

I’m always searching for something different. I go to McGee creek every season looking for something that can provide that unique edge. We ended up stumbling upon a small rapid that was causing the fallen leaves to funnel into a pocket and move in a slow continuous circle. I immediately knew I wanted to capture this movement with a long exposure. I had to cross a log jam across the creek and the comp ended up being perfect with some golden aspens and the sun in frame. I stacked my 10 stop ND and CPL in order to capture this long exposure. The bushes also have motion but it gives them a dreamier feel and goes with the motion of the foreground leaves so I ended up liking the effect. Definitely a shot unlike any other I have captured here so I’m glad I spent the time to make sure I got this one.

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