Wednesday, November 15, 2017

El Matador golden hour seascape, Malibu CA

Man oh man we have been having some good sunsets this past week. Unfortunately I was only able to get out for one of them. This was shot this past Friday when my buddy was visiting California on his road trip. We headed out to El Matador which I usually avoid like the plague due to how crowded it is. But the clouds were nice and the color from golden hour through sunset was amazing. While I love the afterburn colors, I am a huge fan of capturing golden hour shots as you get way more dynamic light from the sun still above the horizon. Took my boots off to get up in the tide for this one to ensue I got some nice water movement around the foreground rock. By sunset, the puffy clouds disappeared and the thick cloud you see near the horizon morphed into an amazing formation that burned nice and pink. I’ll show that image down the road. This is a blend of multiple exposures to properly exposure the scene throughout.

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