Monday, January 9, 2017

Big Sur keyhole arch sunset - Pfeiffer Beach

I had a few foreground shots with water movement but kept going back to the one with the reflection of the sun beaming through the arch. Clouds during golden hour were awesome and since the sky was so thick we weren’t sure we were going to get the sun breaking through but we were fortunate for about 10 minutes this night which literally started beaming 2 minutes after I started shooting so I’m glad we got there early enough before the clouds overtook the sun. The road to the beach was closed due to flooding so there were maybe only 15 or so people shooting which was nice since I was able to move around and shoot a few comps. I’ll probably end up editing another one from this side with water movement, but I also have a wide from the left side and a bunch of close ups to edit as well. So glad I was able to witness this phenomenon being my first time here for this event. Shooting with @eric.yanagihara and @michellejacquemet . Look out for more shots from here. 

Nikon D750, Nikkor 14-24, f/22, ISO-50, multiple exposures blended.

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