Monday, March 28, 2016

Anza Borrego Serpent Bokeh

By no means was this a planned shot. Right when we arrived at Anza we stopped here for some trails. There was one group of people who were leaving so we figured we may have a good chance to lapse here while nobody was here. So I setup a few long exposure shots for my foreground, then focused for the stars and started my internal intervolometer. 45 minutes later I went to review my images and they were out of focus. I forgot to turn my autofocus off so all my starshots were blurry. I ended up running another 30 minutes of star shots after but I took one of the out of focus star shots and combined it with my foreground shot for a fake bokeh star shot. Believe me I was pissed for wasting all that time but I like the result of the 2 shots combined. Not your typical night shot and it really draws the attention to the serpent. Good thing we stopped here first, as the night went on this place was always packed every time we drove by.

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