Tuesday, May 5, 2015

All Roads Lead to you

Sunburst, Los Angeles sunset

Here is another version of the shot from the east side of LA. This was taken before sunset and I wanted to use the bridge to block the street in the right so I hopped down lower for a different vantage point. I waited until the sun got low enough to be able to capture the burst through the trees. I knew this was going to be a high dynamic range shot so I bracketed tons of shots at 2 stops apart all the way from 2 sec down to 1/40 sec.
I had a go at trying to manually blend select parts together but ended up just throwing them all into photomatix which did a good job of blending. I added a touch more contrast to this shot than normal.
All were shot with the Nikon d750, Nikkor 30mm 1.8, ISO-50, f/16.


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