Thursday, October 10, 2013

Last of the Eastern Sierras

I checked out a few other lakes and creeks for the rest of the trip. The colors at Convict Lake were pretty good however as with the entire trip there were no clouds.

Classic shot before sunrise

A grove behind the lake that was pretty much bare

I really only focused on the milky way shot.

This shot I combined two photos. I took a longer, lower ISO shot and used it for the foreground. I also took a normal f/2.8, 25sec, 3200 ISO shot for the stars. I'll need to take a longer foreground shot next time to get more details.

I also stopped by Lundy Canyon. The lake had some nice colors, but I wanted to check out the beaver ponds behind. After the lake there is a mile or so dirt road that leads back there. Really cool area, I will have to come back when it's peaking.

I also stopped by McGee Creek. Another really cool area for shots of the aspens along the creek. Colors here were better than last time but I came mid-day and the sun was casting shadows for the most part. I had to find some shots where the aspens were blocking the sun. I found a pretty nice area being back lit causing the aspens to light up.

Every time I was in a spot shooting, this lady kept getting in my shot. I swear she would just walk right up and plant herself right I took a picture of her.

I focused on some close-ups as well. There were a bunch of fallen leaves, and it was cold enough to where there was a bit of ice on the creek.

I also took a sunset shot above Twin Falls in Mammoth Lakes, but again no color so nothing great. There was some ice on the rocks tho.

That same night I also went out to Alkali Lake for another Milky Way shot. Wasn't as dark this night but the Milky Way was still pretty bright.

As always, I have to post some food stuff. My condo was a minute walk to Toomey's so I ate there every night. Probably the best place to eat in Mammoth.

Elk Chops

Fish tacos - probably my favorite dish there


We'll be heading out to Montana De Oro for another camping trip next month. Hopefully the weather will be a bit more dramatic as there are some nice rock formations there for seascape shots.

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