Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bishop part 2 - South fork

I spent most of the day at the North fork, so I only had a little bit of time to explore the south fork towards South Lake before I had to make my way up to Mammoth Lakes. There was some really nice color along the road, lots of different shades as the aspens were in different stages. Instead of exploring the groves by Bishop Creek, I focused on some abstract and close-up shots of the trees.

The colors of the trees contrast nicely against the rock formations. A lot of the back roads had some nice color too, I just didn't have time to explore.

One of the areas that is always clogged up with photographers is Mist Falls with the house that sits in the middle of a nice grove.

Lastly, a pano near Mist Falls

It's crazy how different the colors are depending on if it's shaded, or which way the sun is hitting them. I like shooting them back lit, as it really enhances the colors.

I spent the rest of the trip up towards Mammoth Lakes and used it as my home base. I also checked out the June Loop area, Lundy Lake, Convict Lake, and Rock and McGee Creek. I still have to sort through them all so I'll update them on future posts.

Brandon Yoshizawa
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