Monday, October 7, 2013

Chasing Fall - Bishop North Fork

Took a trip up to the Eastern Sierras to photograph some of the fall colors. Even with all the sites out there that provide updates, it's still hard to time especially since the elevation changes make different areas peak at different times. The Bishop area usually peaks before the Mammoth area and June Lake Loop.

I headed up early Thursday am and spent the day around the North and South fork of the 168 towards North/South Lake. Right past Aspendell there is a nice grove that intersects with Bishop Creek. Colors were pretty good here from a hint of orange to some still just turning.

After taking a few, I kept heading up the 168 and stopped off at Aspendell. Colors here up the mountain were mixed as well, some at peak, some blown off by the strong winds.

I hiked down to the basin to check out some of the colors. The stream that is usually flowing was pretty mellow so I stood right in there to take some pictures. Unfortunately, it was mid-day and the sun was harsh.

I walked around the Sabrina campground a bit then headed up the road to North Lake. The lava flow on the mountain was past peak and a lot of the aspens along the shore were bare as well. The road had some nice color tho, which was cool to drive through it all.

Last stop after North Lake was Lake Sabrina. There are a few pullouts on the way that overlook Bishop Creek and some nice groves.

The grove right before Lake Sabrina was in full color with some nice vibrant oranges. I stopped by Lake Sabrina but the water level was so low that it was almost all rocks. Crazy to see since we are used to coming here, having to cross through water to get to an island to fish. I didn't bother taking any pictures here. It was getting late and I still wanted to head down the south fork towards South Lake. I'll post those next once I edit them.

Brandon Yoshizawa
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