Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Supermoon rise over Los Angeles

The night after the eclipse moonrise, I went out to Baldwin Hills to catch the moonrise. The wind pretty much cleared the air and the visibility was excellent but the wind played a huge factor as the gusts were super strong up on the hill. I fired off tons of shots as usually about 1 in 4 shots are sharp. I wasn’t able to get to the exact spot I lined up the rise due to an area being closed so this one rose a bit more to the left than I wanted/anticipated. I had this shot punched in at 420mm so I used the opportunity to pano it. This shot consists of 2 shots for the foreground for the pano and then a separate exposure for the moon just as it almost fully rose from behind the mountains. This one rose an hour after sunset so the exposure blend was necessary due to the dynamic range but the positioning of everything is accurate.

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