Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Malibu Canyon Road above the fog

We were fogged in last week so I headed out to Malibu to get above it. I usually shoot the cloudfall area at sunset but it wasn’t spilling over so we headed to the standard Malibu Canyon lookout and were treated to some great fog levels as it was filling up the canyon. I wasn’t expecting to shoot extreme telephoto’s so the longest lens I had on me was my 70-200. There was a house/road out in the distance that kept drifting in and out of the fog and I mainly used my telephoto to frame several shots such as this one. This is a small piece of Malibu Canyon road way way out there. I was originally going to blend trails to get a single smooth one but I like how there are cars in the middle that are stopped with trails in front and back so I kept it a single exposure. Since I didn’t have a long lens on me, this is at 200mm with a 1.4x teelconverter shot using my DX mode on my camera which is around 400mm. Gives you an idea on how far out there this was. I shot a ton of variations of this, including when the lights came on. Will share a bunch down the road.

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