Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Twin Falls Milky Way, Mammoth Lakes

Here’s the MW shot I worked on from Twin Falls. As a disclaimer I didn’t come down here at night. I shot the foreground before hand and noticed that this shot faces towards the SE. We had other plans to hit Alabama hills and a few other stops so this is a composite of a Milky Way taken that same night. I don’t know the actual alignment here, or if the dark horse would be this visible above the tree line as you are looking pretty high up the falls. Nevertheless, the direction is true. Next time I’ll use my @photopills app down here to see how it lines up. Kept the trees on the darker side to both mimic night as well as to contrast against the bright falls. Blending trees or any type of soft edges is time consuming, but this one came out pretty good. Hope you enjoy it.


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