Thursday, July 13, 2017

Los Angeles fireworks for 4th of July

Alright, here’s my first edit from the 4th of July party overlooking the city residents who put on a firework show for us. I snapped this series during the twilight hours to easily retain a bit of foreground details and keep from blowing out the skyline lights. If you saw my stories, you can see I blended several shots using the “lighten” blend mode in photoshop to get all the fireworks as well as some solid car trails. There weren’t many going off over the city closest to us but the few that did helped add to the composition. I shot this one straight on to get a direct line of sight down the freeway. The lights on the new Wilshire Grand were a nice touch. I have other comps as the city shows went off….maybe I’ll use them to do a timelapse…who knows :) Shot with the Nikon D750 and Nikkor 70-200.

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