Monday, February 10, 2014

Los Angeles Panoramas

Been looking to get out and get a wide view of Los Angeles. So I headed out last week after the light rain we got in hopes of getting some shots without smog.

The first is from a hike in the Hollywood hills behind the Griffith Observatory. Los Angeles is on the left and I believe Century City is on the right. Sunset wasn't great but the visibility was pretty good.

Los Angeles and griffith observatory panorama

The second is from behind the Hollywood sign. Its about a 40 min hike up and the sign is guarded by a 7 foot fence. So I lugged a stepstool up with me, and both myself and my tripod were balanced on the stool (and leaned against the fence) to take this. Couldn't quite get the entire shot with my Tokina 11-16mm so I had to stitch some together. Being as nothing was level, stitching wasn't great. I figure a gorillapod would work good here, just attaching it to the chain fence.

Hollyood sign sunset

They have camera's all over the place here. Some people actually tried to climb over and the police told them to hop back over from a loud intercom haha.

Another shot I have been trying to get is from Kenneth Hahn park with the San Gabriel's behind the city skyline. Almost need perfect conditions from here to get this shot. Need rain to clear the smog, clouds for a colorful sunrise, and snow on the mountains. Kenneth Hahn park is pretty close so I'll keep trying.

Brandon Yoshizawa
B.A.Y | photography

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