Sunday, January 5, 2014

Weekend shooting

With the Manhattan Beach Pier lights still up I was constantly going to try to get that perfect shot I wanted, but the sunset never cooperated with me. Here are a few that I got around to processing from past trips. Looks like I will have to wait until this coming Christmas to try again.

Friday after work I headed out to Santa Monica. Woke up to some weird fog and thought there may be a chance that it breaks up and provides some nice colors.....wrong! Pretty much stayed thick through sunset.

I hung around until blue hour and snapped a few regardless. I still have this shot on my list to come back when there is a nice sunset and low tide. Until then, there will have to do.

Saturday, Jaime and I took Georgie hiking in Palos Verdes. there's a nice trail that hugs the bluffs near the Trump golf course. We went later in the day so there were quite a few people walking.

Georgie will always walk towards the shade, and sometimes she will just plop down when there is a big enough shaded area, lay down and drink her water.

We stopped for lunch at Pavich's pizza, a Croatian brick oven spot. We used to come here all the time when we were living in San Pedro. Thin, crispy, and always fresh. Still one of the best pizza joints in the south bay. Tried the pizza at Tin Roof Bistro the other night and it wasn't that good. Might have to go back and try one of their specials tho, the place got some good reviews. We already ate 2 slices before snapping the picture....we were hungry!

The fog was still around so I headed back out to Golden point in Palos Verdes for sunset. You can park right at the point, but have to make a pretty steep trek down the cliffs. The fog cleared nicely and provided some nice colors. This is a 3 shot exposure blend, with a polarizer used to cut through the water to reveal the sealife underneath. I had to move a few times as the waves were crashing close.

We'll be back up to Santa Barbara in Feb, and in Anza Borrego in March. Here's to hoping for some good pictures. But I'll be out in LA in the coming weeks. been wanting to get some more skyline shots, but I'll have to wait for the rain to clear up the smog.

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