Friday, February 17, 2012

Norcal road trip - day 2 in Big Sur

We didn't have much planned for day 2, so we slept in and got a bit of rest for our day full of hiking. First stop was to Pfeiffer Big Falls State Park for a short hike to Pfeiffer falls.

Nothing spectacular, but we were not expecting much after viewing McWay Falls.
We then headed back to Julia Pfeiffer Burns state park for another short hike up to Canyon Falls.

This is probably the first time Jaime has EVER worn a pack hiking, because usually I carry everything. However I had all my camera gear stuffed into my backpack, including my 300mm F4 so I didn't have any room for the food. I guess she will have to get used to it!

Jaime had the great idea of packing PB&J sandwiches for lunch, so we brought up those little jelly packets that are in resturants, as well as a can of PB and bread. We had a nice quiet lunch by the stream, listening to the sounds of nature.

We stopped back by McWay Falls, but it was completely overcast and the light wasn't as good as the day before. So we headed back to Pfeiffer Big Falls State Park to get to Pfeiffer Big Falls State Beach. This little beach is hidden a few miles off Hwy 1, from an unmarked turnoff. However, it is known to photographers for the portal, where in Dec - Jan the sunset aligns with the hole in the rock formation allowing for a beam of light to pass through. If we ever head back up the 1, we will definitely make sure to plan it during this time.

This beach is also known for its purple sand, from the manganese garnet in the hills that wash down onto the beach. It would have been a lot more visible in the day, but still really cool to see as we have never seen anything like it.

Pfeiffer Big Falls State Beach, Big Sur

Sunset ended up being a bust, so I was hoping for it to clear up the next day when we planned to be at Point Lobos State Reserve in Carmel.

Brandon Yoshizawa
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