Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 4 - finally made it to San Francisco

So the final day of our trip was planned for San Francisco. This was Jaime's bday, so of course we had to spend the entire day shopping :p. On the way up we stopped by Dynamo Donuts. I guess it was shown on the food channel. They have a unique selection, so we got a bunch to take home.

We visited the usual; Union Square, Westfield mall, etc. We wanted to go to the Ferry building Market but ended up not having time since then plan was to head out to take cityscapes around sunset.

Golden gate bridge view from Marshall Beach

We ended up missing the exit to Marshall beach, so we had to pay the freakin bridge toll for nothing just to turn around. They were also doing construction around the area, so the parking lot was blocked off. We had to park at Baker beach, which was further down, and walk to Marshall beach in the rain. Stood in the tide to get this shot which resulted in my feet getting soaked, but I was able to get the reflection of the bridge in the wet sand.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco from Battery Spencer in Marin Headlands

Golden Gate bridge and view of San Francisco from Marin Headlands

Both of these were taken from Marin, looking back to SF. The rain picked up a bit, and the sky was dark, so these pics were meant to capture that mood. Jaime was standing there, holding the umbrella up to cover the camera like a champ. Great way to spend her 30th bday!!!

View of the Bay bridge and downtown San Francisco from Treasure Island in San Francsico

Our final stop was over the Bay bridge to Treasure Island. This is a shot I have been wanting to take for a while now. This is a 3-image pano stitched with a view of the Bay bridge and downtown SF. It stopped raining at this point so we weren't as miserable.

By the time we finished, we were cold and starving. The Ito's gave us a bunch of good recommendations for dinner, however we spotted a little Japanese resturant by our hotel and decided to just stop there. After all the food we ate during the trip, we were both craving some good Japanese food. Ended up sharing some sukiyaki and a few rolls.

I have to say, there are countless photo opps to capture the SF skyline. I'm happy with what I got in 1 night, but if we ever went back I would need a whole lot more time to find some different spots to shoot.

We left back for LA early the next morning to beat the traffic in both SF and LA. Overall it was a great trip, but we both felt like we needed a vacation from that vacation since we packed so much in.

Brandon Yoshizawa
B.A.Y | photography


Brandon Yoshizawa
B.A.Y | photography
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