Thursday, November 17, 2016

Petroglyph discovery - Eastern Sierra Startrails

I had this idea in my head to utilize the human element in a few ways. The first was to act out a scene of discovery; stumbling upon these ancient petroglyphs. Second was to utilize the lantern to help illuminate the foreground and third to show a static subject against the movement of the star trails. I’m quite pleased with how it all worked out and translated from an idea in my head to what you see here in the final picture. I also got redemption from last year’s visit when clouds overtook the sky as I was shooting a timelapse for the startrails. The foreground was shot with the last available ambient light and the trails were shot later in the night. Nikon D750, Nikkor 14-24, foreground: f/11, 10 sec, ISO-500, sky: about 60 shots of f/2.8, 15 sec, ISO-6400 combined in StarStax.

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