Sunday, November 24, 2013

Manhattan Beach sunset

There was a small break in the recent storm so I hit up the Manhattan Beach Pier Friday after work hoping for a nice sunset. The pier is lit up with lights for the holidays and it was low tide....both bonuses.

I got there a bit before sunset so I walked around and snapped a few:

Manhattan Beach Pier pre-sunset reflections

Fishing at sunset, Manhattan Beach Pier

The sunset almost lines up with the pier so you can get some pretty cool shots underneath. I got one of the sun shining through:

Light under the Manhattan Beach Pier

Sunset itself had some really nice color, which was reflected off the wet sand: Fiery sunset Manhattan Beach Pier

The pier lights turn on around 30 mins after sunset, so most of the good color was gone by then: Christmas sunset Manhattan Beach Pier

Some nice deep red color hung around for a bit so I took a panorama of the pier Manhattan beach pier panorama

So far, winter has been proving to have some nice sunsets....hopefully I'll have many more opportunities to get some shots around the area.

This weekend is camping at Montana De Oro.....its suppose to rain but hoping it clears by the time we get there. There may be a good chance to get some nice seascape shots along the rocky bluffs of the park. I'll update with some photos once we get back.

Brandon Yoshizawa
B.A.Y | photography

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