Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mammoth day 2 - Convict lake

The forecast for the weekend was showing that sunrise was going to be clear every morning, so after seeing the sky filled with stars the morning before I decided to get out to Convict Lake a bit before sunrise to try out some star shots. I never really had the chance to try it, so thought this would be a good chance to practice.

Took a bit of messing around with the settings to get the exposure somewhat right. By the time I snapped a few decent ones and let the noise reduction run, the sun was already starting to wash out the stars. I left the shutter open too long, so the stars started streaking. Next time I am back in the area, I'll try to keep the shutter to 30 seconds. I ran the photo through Topaz Denoise since the image was taken at ISO-1600. Props to JJ who helped with the final touches.

Milky way over Convict Lake
All in all it came out ok. Still a bit of detail in the foreground. The Milky way was a bonus, along with a few shooting stars. I'd like to try and full silhouette of Laurel Mountain next time, as well as one that is better exposed. May have to try and blended photo.

The rest of these were taken at various times over the period of 2 days: Pre dawn at convict lake
Pre dawn.The foreground ice was painted with my headlamp

First light at convict lake, winter in the eastern sierras
First light hitting laurel Mountain

Winter reflections at Convict lake

Convict Lake, eastern sierras

Frozen convict lake in the winter
A few during the day with the various ice patterns

Icy sunset reflections at Convict lake
Close to sunset. With all the wind, all of the clouds blew away by the time sunset rolled around

I also went around the Mammoth lakes area to check out Twin lakes. I wanted to get to a spot above Twin lakes to the falls, but Lake Mary road was still closed for the winter. The falls are still frozen over anyways. Twin lakes was starting to melt, showing a bit of reflections in the water.

Twin lakes peak reflections in the ice, mammoth lakes

Twin lakes reflections, mammoth lakes

J went with the Ito's and JJ's to play in the snow. I was a bit tired from waking up and staying out so I stayed back and slept.

They also hit up Toomey's; another favorite:

I still have to process the files from Alkali lake, so I'll post those next.

Brandon Yoshizawa
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  1. the Milky Way is actually called "The Galaxy". Please get it right next time. That JJ guy you refer to did a great job editing that image.


Brandon Yoshizawa
B.A.Y | photography
Landscape and Wildlife photography