Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pacific Northwest - Seattle

So the last leg of our trip ended in Seattle, WA. Just like Portland, we came for the food so I didn't really have many pictures I wanted to take except of the skyline. The night we drove in from Mt. Rainier, we checked into the hotel then went off to shoot the skyline from various spots.

The first spot was Kerry Park, which was packed with people.

Seattle skyline  and moon from Kerry Park Seattle skyline from Kerry Park

Next we headed to Pier 66 at the waterfront to get a closer POV. However, the viewing area was closed, so I ended up taking one from the bridge directly over the street.

Seattle skyline from Pier 66

3rd stop was an overpass overlooking the 5 freeway, with a great view leading into the city.

The 5 and Quest field, Seattle Washington The 5 freeway leading into Seattle

Finally, we headed to Alki beach for a panoramic view of the entire skyline.

Seattle skyline from Alki Beach

The rest of the time we spent shopping, and eating. Driving through downtown wasn't very fun, but we managed to get around to Pike Place Market, and a few random malls.

Pike place was cool but crowded. There were so many different food places, but I heard good things about the Pike place chowder so we got the sampler with New England Chowder, Smoked salmon chowder, seafood bisque, and corn chowder.

All good, but my stomach took a beating after that probably from all the cream.
I got some good eat recommendations before we left. Serious Pie from Peter & Olivia, and Salumi from my parents.
We wanted to get to Serious Pie for happy hour because they have smaller pizzas so you can try different kinds, but it didn't fit our schedule. First time around we ordered the Margarita with buffalo mozzarella, and the mushroom and truffle cheese. Both excellent, but we are suckers for a good Margarita.

We liked them so much we were contemplating ordering a 3rd....but we ended up going back for lunch another day and ordered the yukon gold potato and soft cooked egg with tomato and some other herbs. Again, both were good, but the egg/tomato was amazing.

We also hit up Salumi - the Batali family famous cured meat and sandwich shop. This was also on the food channel for best sandwich of the PNW for their oxtail sandwich. They only offer it a few times a year and it gets sold out in like 15 minutes. We were hoping they would still have some hot sandwiches left, but they were all sold out of the Porchetta when we arrived. Then they sold out of the meatball 5 people before we ordered. We ended up getting 2 cold cured meat sandwiches. The Mole salami, and the Coppa both with onions and peppers.

For sandwiches, I must say they were pretty damn good. We shared them while we waited for the ferry to Bainbridge island.

We walked around Bainbridge and had dinner at Cafe Nola, which was pretty good. We shared a salad and the short rib mole.

We also had homemade ice cream at Mora.

We did a few other random things and visited the REI flagship store, but Seattle was the end to our PNW road trip. We loved both cities as well as all the great hiking and nature that were just a short drive away.

That was the last big planned trip for the year, however we are going to make a weekend trip to mammoth when the fall colors are peaking in a few months. Last time we went, we were a bit too late and most of the color had passed. One thing about living around LA, is we really miss the seasons. Therefore, there may be a Vermont / NY trip planned for next year sometime in October.....we will see.

Brandon Yoshizawa
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  1. randomly ran into this page but hey Northern idaho also has changing leaves during fall......check out the Coeur d'Alene area. it is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. and they have good eating too. :)


Brandon Yoshizawa
B.A.Y | photography
Landscape and Wildlife photography