Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Convict Lake

Took a trip up to Mammoth Lakes this past weekend and had a chance to stop off at Convict lake off the 395. Was hoping for some fall colors but most have faded already. Quite a bit of snow had fallen already making for some great pictures nonetheless. We were lucky with the weather, as a storm came up not too long after we left the lake. I wandered around the lake and got a few good shots.

Boat dock covered in snow at Convict lake off the 395 heading up to Mammoth Lakes.
Boat dock covered in snow
Convict lake framed by trees
Convict Lake framed by leafless trees
Fall colors fading at Convict lake
2-shot stitched pano of Convict Lake with what is left of the fall colors
Sun starburst reflection at Convice Lake
Sunburst reflection
Fall trees covered in snow at Convict lake
More fall colors

It was a pretty calm morning, which allowed for good reflections in the water. We were only here for about an hour before we headed up to Mammoth lakes for the rest of the day. We did manage to snap some group pictures before we left.

Brandon Yoshizawa
B.A.Y | photography

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